Wine tasting experience with Sergio del Casale in Abruzzo

A unique and amazing experience to fully plunge into the wine-growing and producing tradition of Abruzzo You can enjoy the visit to the cellar and the vineyards, learn about the story of Sergio Del Casale winery and taste three of its wines, matching with typical Abruzzo delicacies.


Per person
Available every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Via San Biagio 9, 66054 Vasto (CH)


Stop off for a delicious tasting experience of Abruzzo wines at Sergio Del Casale winery.

A unique and unforgettable experience to fully plunge into the wine-growing and producing tradition of Abruzzo. Sergio Del Casale will let you visit both the cellar and the vineyards and you will learn about the story of his winery and taste three of his wines matching with typical Abruzzo delicacies.

Sergio del Casale winery really cherishes the care of its vineyards, only this careful method allows wine producers to get best-quality grapes. This is why the winery follows an organic approach to its vineyards, avoiding chemicals and choosing such agricultural practices aimed at preserving the quality of the environment and our own health.

While keeping up with technological innovations in the wine-making industry, Sergio del Casale still follows the old, and often more adequate, rural traditions, which have led him to produce top-quality and award-winning wines for years.

His winery has always invested in quality, and loves to welcome its guests to spread the word on the methods and places from where its wines are born, such as the ancient Bottaia (the barrel room), with small niches, cut into the tuff, that allow wines to mature in low light, high humidity and constantly cool temperatures, to age at their best.

What are you waiting for then? Sergio del Casale winery awaits you to let you taste the best wines of Abruzzo!

This is what you will find:

  • A visit of the winery
  • Tasting of three wines
  • A rich platter of typical Abruzzo delicacies


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