Treasure hunt through the medieval maze of alleys of a Tuscan village

A letter found in an ancient manuscript, a call for aid, an ancient legend. Are you ready to travel back in time and save the people of San Miniato? We will wait for you to discover the “Curse of Witch Barbuccia” in an exciting treasure hunt that will win over both young and old!


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Booking available for a private group of maximum ten participants
Via Pozzo 94, 56028 San Miniato PI


Immerse yourself into an exciting adventure and discover the village of San Miniato.

San Miniato is a small town dating back to the Middle Ages, located on the gently rolling Tuscan hills.

It is a village of rare beauty with splendid buildings, breathtaking views and, above all, highly experienced local artisans who are proud to share their passion with visitors.

On a hot summer day, an ancient 12th-century letter was found among the pages of a manuscript in the library of the village.

The letter comes from the Pope himself and sends a help message to a mysterious recipient who is called to overcome a danger that threatens the folks of San Miniato.

It seems, actually, that an old witch is hiding in the woods of the surrounding valley.

No one has ever seen her, but she is said to be able to cast spells: there is a curse on the village.

Do you feel you can break the spell?

Embark on this experience where you will live an exciting treasure hunt in the historic center of San Miniato to discover the Curse of Witch Barbuccia.

You will receive a map of the village, and you will have to solve small puzzles and riddles among its squares and alleys.

You will test your skills and spend a few hours of fun, also getting to know some countryside curiosities, anecdotes and historical highlights.

Whether you are travelling as a couple, with friends or with children, you will have a lot of fun and live a unique experience.

Book now the treasure hunt in San Miniato!

What you will find:

  • Two hours of treasure hunt on foot in the center of San Miniato
  • Map and equipment to solve the puzzles
  • Small final prize to the winners


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