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Via XXV Aprile 10, 01030 Bassano in Teverina VT – PH: +39 0761 407012


Walking through the old Village, an ancient, hidden, enchanted place, full of treasures that you would not expect to find, such as the Church of Santa Maria dei Lumi and the Clock Tower, the only example in the world of tower inside another tower.

Get lost in the wood that surrounds the village of Bassano in Teverina, is home to a wealth of evidence of artistic activity. The archaeological treasures of the past and the modern sculptures of “Sculture in Campo” merge into a single identity

Enjoy its crafts and its wine and food: you cannot leave Bassano in Teverina without first visiting the activities that bring the centre and the countryside alive: places where, thanks also to the workshops open to tourists, it is possible to go back in time and rediscover jobs and businesses that the frenetic pace of modern life too often makes you forget. And what about food and wine? Ancient recipes and authentic dishes await you, which, due to the special geographic location of the village, boast the mixture of flavours and smells of Roman, Tuscian, Tuscan and Umbrian cuisine. They include strangozzi and fritters with borage and anchovies, as well as many desserts. Moreover, tastings of local products are not to be missed. There are white and red dop and igp wines, extra virgin olive oil and the renowned hazelnuts, which make Bassano in Teverina the Hazelnut City of Lazio.

For Italian or foreign couples, a wedding in the village will be unforgettable, with settings that include the romantic alleys and squares of the town, the ruins of the rock church, the suggestive Chiesa dei Lumi or the Country Resort at the foot of the centre, where it is possible to hold a civil ceremony immersed in the history and views of the valley. Bassano in Teverina offers convivial spaces for sharing emotions and allowing couples and their guests to enjoy a unique experience with an intimate and romantic wedding.

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