Sailing onboard a "Gozzo" along the coast of Livorno


Per person
Departure time: 9:30 am, return at ab. 2:30 pm
Scali del Corso, 57124 Livorno – PH: +39 3405617490 – +39 3405003356


Boat tour along the coast of Livorno with local guide. The guide will tell you the history of the Terrazza Mascagni, the Accademia Navale and the Art Nouverau villas along the seafront promenade. After you can you can dive into the crystal clear waters that bathe the beautiful cliff.
Departure every thursday at 9.30 AM; retunr at about 14.30 PM.
Come and discover the beauty of Livorno, sailing with Nennellea, a typical wooden boat called “Gozzo”.

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