Friuli wine tasting with tour through the vineyards

In a land that produces great wines, treat yourself to an experience that will lead you to discover one of the most renowned wineries of Friuli Venezia Giulia, walking through its centuries-old vineyards and tasting three of its wines that combine tradition and innovation.



Per person. It includes the visit to the vineyards and winery and tasting of three wines with snacks
Bookable every day at 11.00 am or 6.00 pm
Via Francesco Petrarca 38, 34070 Moraro (GO)


The winery Amandum Wines offers you a tasting of its Friuli wines with a tour of its cellar and vineyards.

Gorizia lies at the meeting point of Isonzo and Vipacco valleys, natural and ancient communication routes between East and West in the past. Protected to the north by the majestic Julian Alps and influenced by the nearby Adriatic Sea, lapped by the Isonzo river, this village overlooks the gentle Isonzo plain. Its green river, in ancient times, created and shaped this territory, giving it unique characteristics for winegrowing.

Amandum Wines family owners have been working with passion for three generations.
First of all Bianca, a courageous woman and agricultural entrepreneur in a sector that, at that time, was still male-dominated. Then her daughter Anna, who was able to expand the family business and to relaunch it fearlessly, following new paths to innovation.

Today it’s the turn of their grandchildren, Enrico and Carlo Alberto Agostinis, who are leading the business following their predecessors’ commitment. And also the brand Amandum was named after their mother and grandmother, to the deepest affection, memory and belonging.

Aware of this great past, you will visit Amandum Wines winery and their ancient cellar. After the visit, you will delight your palate with the tasting of three Friuli wines: a Chardonnay, a Friulano and a Merlot, together with snacks.

What you will find:

  • Tour to the vineyards and winery
  • Tasting of three wines
  • Snacks


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