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Price changes according to the number of people, menu, services and length of stay.
Wedding Packages: 3 or 5 nights
Via San Giacomo della Marca 13m, 63064 Cupra Marina AP – PH: +39 347 6757631


Now more than ever, every bride and groom sees their wedding day as the crowning moment of their love story. Weddings require perfect organisation with the utmost attention to even the smallest of details, whether it is a civil or a religious ceremony. Nothing must be left to chance and the wedding venue is without a doubt one of the most important decisions to be made. A villa is one of the most sought after wedding venues amongst future married couples as it offers a unique and exclusive backdrop. The perfect setting for such an important day.
Casa Alexis is our reception villa located in the coastal town of Cupra Marittima, a small pearl on the Riviera of the Palms. This town is also renowned for being a prestigious Roman and medieval archaeological centre.
Decorated in an elegant and tasteful style, Casa Alexis is the perfect luxury, country house and a dream wedding venue.

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