Central Italy, bike tour between Medieval Villages and Nature


per person
Includes overnights, breakfast and 2 dinners
Piazza Garibaldi 16, 03042 Atina FR – T: +39 380 3111167


2 nights in a real Medieval Castle
A journey through Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise, in the most authentic hidden Italy, where you can experience the discover of enchanting landscapes away from the crowds and traffic. A journey through unspoiled nature and villages rich in history and traditions.
You will stay in Palazzo del Senatore, a medieval castle in the historic hearth of Atina, where modern comfort and ancient flavor pairing with harmony and elegance.

The package includes:
– 2 nights at Palazzo del Senatore
– MiniVan following the group (if more than 4 people)
– Staff (guides / mechanics)
– 2 dinners

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